By Ray LeMoine
Good morning Nation! Drew, Pedey, Youk, Coco, Papi lead Sox to second biggest comeback in postseason history

Another clutch October for JD Drew

Why do the Red Sox always insist on the hardest path to ALCS victory? Down 3-0 to the NYY Nazis in 2004, they win 4 straight. Last year, it was 3-1 to the Indians—and another series win. Last night the Sox continued their study in uphill ALCS victories, coming back from a 7-0 deficit to beat the Tampa Bay Dick Rays in the last three innings. Huh? More October drama in Boston? What a distraction from the dismal state of the union.

“It’s me bitches!!!”

It starts with Papi: three run shot in the 7th. Fenway’s going bonkers, fans bouncing up and down, high fiveing and hugging even though we’re still down, as if they just knew we’d win. Then JD Drew decides to have another clutch October. He goes yard in the 8th; it’s 7-6. Next up is Coke Head Crisp. Dude’s sucked at the plate since he came to Sox. But he decides to have a ten pitch at bat before grinding out an equalizing single. Finally: Coco’s a Red Sox hero.

“I’m a hero too son!”

In the 9th, Youk grinds 10 pitches then hits a grounder to third but Rays’ hero Evan Longoria blows the throw to first. Choke-ah! Youk’s at second. JD’s up again. He takes a bunch of pitches then racks a drive to right field. And it’s over. Youk flips his helmet. The mosh begins on the field and in the stands.

Game 6 tomorrow. Will it happen again? Another Sox AL banner? Fuck me.