D&G bag at Milan Fashion Week.

By Ray LeMoine
T Magazine Blog wins…best paragraph of the week:

Yesterday was the first day of the Milan shows, and it already feels like a carnival. But with runway footage being displayed on Jumbotron screens throughout the city, you feel like you’re in the city of fashion-as-business, not fashion-as-high-design. The gigantic neon Emporio Armani Eagle that welcomes you when you get off the plane at Linate Airport is also a dead giveaway. By the way, I recommend flying into Linate over Malpensa any day — it’s way closer.


By Ray LeMoine
This is the first time I’ve ever had the Word PressTM* stats available to me on a blog. Before today, I was writing for someone else’s site. Well, guess what? 80 people read this site today.