By Ray LeMoine

“We should have had sex Friday but we missed a connection…”

Ok, so here’s what we know: Some girl wrote a “missed connection” about the Radio Silence book party last Friday in DUMBO. I queried who she was (see post below) and some commenters and friends gave me leads. It seems the girl’s name is Jamie—who is “actually hot”—and the dude was Stephen D Turpin. Now, you two need to get it on…and then write about it on craigslist.


I googled “Radio Silence book” and this came up:

I noticed you at the radio silence book party last night in DUMBO, but you failed to respond to my usually highly effective seduction tactics of getting caught looking, then staring at the floor, then running away. You had on an olive green coat, a red scarf (I think) and dark hair that you kept playing with. You’re tall and you look a tiny bit like Michael Showalter (in a good way). I was wearing a striped shirt tucked into jean shorts with black tights and boots, and I have dark, chin-length hair. I’ve also got some tattoos on my arms, but despite my badass appearance, I am painfully shy and nerdy. Hmm, what else. Your friends had glasses, I think. And I saw you again as I was riding my bike away. You’re adorable, send me an email.

Who is this? And what male did she flirt with?