By Ray LeMoine
Thrity-one of Obama’s forty-seven transition team members are ex-Clinton staffers, via Politico:

Most of those appointees weren’t West Wing heavy-hitters, but lower-profile policy hands like former Deputy Secretary of Defense John White and former State Department official Wendy Sherman. They include former deputies to National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Defense Secretary William Perry, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and some currently work at consultancies run by those Clinton administration principals.

Others are old Obama allies who also have Clinton ties, like Michael Froman, a transition advisor who was Obama’s classmate at Harvard Law School and served as Robert Rubin’s chief of staff at the Clinton Treasury Department, and Christopher Edley, who taught Obama at Harvard and also served Clinton, and is married to a former Clinton deputy chief of staff.

It’s not surprising Obama’s turning to low-level, former Clintonites. After all, what other living Democrats ever worked for an administration? Sans Carter’s four year stint, you’d need to go back to JFK/LBJ to find experienced White House hands. Meaning mostly dead people.

This does, however, slightly contradict Obama’s new politics of change mantra. Especially with the news that he’s considering Hillary for State:

Two Democratic officials confirmed that Clinton – long rumored to be a contender for the job – is under serious consideration. Adding to the intrigue, Clinton was spotted aboard a flight to Obama’s hometown of Chicago yesterday, NBC reported.

I doubt this has much truth, but wouldn’t mind seeing Hillary (or Kerry) end up with State.