I see dead people as a reason why audacious hope won the White House. Honk-rap suxxx.

By Ray LeMoine
Gawker turned me on to this quote from XXL Magazine:

De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest are the reasons that there is a non-white president-elect for these United States. You think white folks would have gotten behind a Public Enemy X-Clan candidate? Hellz the fuck no! We needed rappers with a global perspective like KanYe West and Q-Tip to push Barack Obama into office. In a generation, Black people will no longer exist as we know it. We will become Hyper-Black or Ultra-Black. We will be mixed with so many ethnicities that race will no longer matter to us.

(PS I left those last three sentences about hyper-ultra blacks in because they’re funny.)

Sorry, but honk-rap had nothing to do with Obama’s rise. Rather, after Hurricane Katrina Bush lost America (over a thousand blacks drowned). And America became ripe for hope. It was Bush’s audacity—ignoring New Orleans’ stranded blacks as the world watched—that placed race back in the media spotlight—remember Time’s race cover story? Many Americans believed Kanye West when he said, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Six months after Katrina the Audacity of Hope was released. Were it not for Katrina, it’s doubtful America would’ve become so transfixed by Obama’s post-race, post-partisan agenda. It was this Katrina Factor, combined with the Iraq war’s failure, that helped Democrats take control of Congress that fall. And the rest is history.