By Ray LeMoine
Here’s a selection of photos I took at the Democratic National Convention. Yes, it’s a few months late, but I’m lazy. I did take some pictures of Obama, but these pictures omit the star and instead show the 80,000-man scene.

The stage is set for Obama and I’m sitting in the last row.

They had a bunch of “regular” people give speeches on the Jumbotrons. Of course, none were black. Most looked like this confused white guy, Obama’s target demo…

The Colorado sky at sunset streaked by a Homeland Security chopper.

“Take em and wave em!” said an Obama volunteer handing out flags and “CHANGE” signs.

T-minus 2 minutes to Obama…


CNN glow…

Indie filmmaker.

After the speech, the Greco set goes boom.

They even has a floating camera, just like the NFL.

Tears of joy 1.

Tears of joy 2.

Walking out.

The end…