By Ray LeMoine
The Revolution will be legitimized…

Cuba, the Americas’ pariah state, has discovered a world-changing 20 billion barrels of oil offshore. Just think of the foreign direct investment they will now receive. It’s funny: as the entire planet socializes, Cuba becomes the newest petrostate. America’s next president will surely have to reverse the trade embargo, thus legitimizing Cuba’s 60-year-old revolution. I’m so happy for ordinary Cubans; despite the Castro bros’ authoritarianism, they’ve not been nearly as corrupt as other socialist states, and their version of “socialismo” does trickle down. And when compared to another petrostate, Saudi Arabia—who the US supports, Cuba is a present-day Sweden to the Kingdom’s Nazi Germany.

Cuba’s oil reserves may be substantially larger than originally estimated, according to reports. Cuban energy officials have said that the country may have over 20 billion barrels of recoverable oil in its offshore fields in the Gulf of Mexico. If confirmed, such reserves would put Cuba among the world’s top 20 oil-producing nations.