By Ray LeMoine
Writing in the Times, novelist Andrew O’Hagan uses a scene in a London cafe to explain just how absolutely world changing the last few weeks have been.

“Look,” one of them explained, “they might call it ‘recapitalization,’ but what they are doing is nationalizing the banks. It’s beyond belief. I don’t know if people really understand what is happening.”

“Yeah, it’s beyond belief,” said his friend. “After all this global market stuff we’ve been hearing for years, the government is basically doing what Tony Benn” — a hardcore socialist politician — “was advocating in 1983. Trade is contracting and it’s as if Thatcher had never existed. All that stuff.”

“God,” said his friend. “Remember it, ‘The End of History’ and all that?”


“We’re back to where we started, with the government bailing out the banks and everybody reusing their teabags.”

My friend India Knight, a columnist for The Sunday Times, joined me. “It’s quite nice,” she said. “A bit like the Blitz. A bit of decadence in the dark, you know?”

“Socialism is bursting out all over,” I said.

“I know,” said India. “Greed is not good.”