By Ray LeMoine

Sup bitch?

Anyone else love this clip of Mark Wahlberg losing it on Jimmy Kimmel last night? On the show, Wahlberg acted like he really hates an Andy Samberg SNL skit mocking him. A buddy of mine works on Kimmel’s show and says Wahlberg was dead serious—to the point of “taking himself too seriously.” But I love that Marky Mark is still a whigger at heart. Guy was raised in Dorchester, guy. Sweet. Few cliches are cooler than the Boston whigger, and the fact that Wahlberg still holds true makes me proud. These days, people are often afraid to threaten others with physical violence on national television. But, in the White Negro tradition of Norman Mailer, Marky Mark has no problem promising to bust Andy Samberg’s “ugly nose” on CBS.