Palin’s people in FL

Sarah Palin’s charging of rape victims for forensic exams—despite a state-wide policy of covering the costs—hit national cable news today:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s hometown required women to pay for their own rape examinations while she was mayor, a practice her police chief fought to keep as late as 2000. A former Alaskan lawmaker says it seems unlikely that Gov. Sarah Palin was unaware of Wasilla’s policy.

Former state Rep. Eric Croft, a Democrat, sponsored a state law requiring cities to provide the examinations free of charge to victims. He said the only ongoing resistance he met was from Wasilla, where Palin was mayor from 1996 to 2002.

“It was one of those things everyone could agree on except Wasilla,” Croft told CNN. “We couldn’t convince the chief of police to stop charging them.” Alaska’s Legislature in 2000 banned the practice of charging women for rape exam kits — which experts said could cost up to $1,000.

Many in Wasilla and Anchorage said to me last week that Palin opposed the kits because they had morning after pills, which clash with governor’s pro-life beliefs.

Meanwhile, Palin drew 60,000 in central Florida yesterday. The Miami Herald has it wrong in this lede though:

In the biggest event of the 2008 campaign in Florida so far, Sarah Palin drew tens of thousands of people Sunday to a Central Florida town square decked out like the Fourth of July for a speech aimed at pumping up the state’s Republican heartland.

Actually, Obama’s 75K in Portland and 200k in Berlin were bigger rallies. As was his nomination speech (80k), if you count the DNC.