By Tommy T

When my girl in the car, gotta cover my seat
Cuz that thang get ta skeetin’ when I cut up my beat

T.I. – Let My Beat Pound (produced by JR Rotem)

You gotta give it up for Tip.  The man has given me so many years of trunk rattlin’ fire, I could never repay my debt to him, even if I paid for his music.  He ain’t got the soul of a Pac or the swag of a Jigga or the dementia of a Weezy, but he knows how to drop a damn banger!  He is the everyman meat-and-three hood kid who makes millions but never loses the realness of Bankhead or Riverdale or wherever he’s from.  He is the best rapper alive and will be until someone else, cough, can learn how to write a song and not just a verse.