By Ray LeMoine


Last night I stopped by the opening of downtown’s newest club, The Eldridge. The place made me want to leave America more than Palin’s speech. But what can you expect from a guy who runs a company called “Steelo Clothing.” Matt Levine, The Eldridge’s owner, not only runs “Steelo,” he also calls his bartenders “butlers.”

First mistake? The faux book shop entrance. No one who’s actually read a Pynchon novel is dumb enough to buy a $600 table—or even pay $20 for specialty cocktails. Second mistake? Inviting a cross section of the sub-21 yr old DJ/whigger/post-Misshapes crowd and the over-35 sleaze ball scene while missing the entire 25-35 yr old crowd that runs downtown. Third mistake? Hiring a faux-Farnsworth doorman who wears pink plaid shirts tucked into cowboy jeans. Fourth mistake? Opening a club in a space too small for actual dancing.

There was great buzz after the Apotheke opening last week. I guess two good new clubs can’t open in the same week.